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Safetbrella gets reflective


It’s here: Introducing the new 2017 model, fully-illuminated reflexive Safe-T-Brella


Simply the most technologically advanced umbrella we've ever brought to market. Available now.


Fashion-forward yet highly practical -- this brilliantly illuminated, state-of-the-art unit incorporates fibre-optics encased in a high-impact acrylic shaft on top a poly-chromed handle featuring a built-in LED flashlight -- all under a leading-edge canopy and support mechanism.

A gem of industrial design -- the Safe-T-Brella features six distinct colour modes energized by a triple-A battery power-plant -- ensuring high visibility and safety from distracted drivers in dim, murky, foggy and dark conditions. And while lightweight, the 2017 model yet provides unsurpassed mobile shelter from inclement and severe rain and weather conditions -- thanks to the 190 lb-tested, impervious high-quality nylon canopy supported by our wind-resistant, spring-tensioned mechanism for virtually effortless, smooth operation -- opening and closing.      


  • Fibre-optics transmit vivid LED light evenly along the entire shaft length        
  • Translucent, high-impact, durable acrylic shaft casing
  • Stylish and durable poly-chromed handle
  • Built-in LED flashlight provides on-demand full lighting for any walking route -- including walkways, stairs, alleys and passageways   
  • Wraps-up tight and neat for walking stick mode


Dave Supernec
Dave Supernec


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