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Another Pedestrian Fatality... This Umbrella Will Save Your Life

“A 55-year-old Vancouver man is dead after being hit while walking in a marked crosswalk Thursday night.

Police say the pedestrian was hit by a pick-up truck just before 6 p.m. on Inverness St. at King Edward Ave.

Officers say low light and rainy conditions are believed to be factors in the crash, also noting that speed and alcohol did not play a role.”


Umbrellas have been around for ages. In fact, it is believed that the idea of the umbrella was invented 2000 years ago as there are ancient artifacts that date back to around 2000 years B.C. depicting the device. Umbrellas were initially invented to provide shade from the sun during these times, but thanks to the ingenuity of the Chinese, the device evolved into a collapsible covering for people during days of rain.

While still retaining its primary function of providing individuals cover from harsh weather conditions, the common umbrella has transformed into a revolutionary device that now offers users an LED fiber-optic shaft along with a built-in LED flash light and it is all thanks to SafeTBrella.

What this implies is that users no longer have to worry about traveling from place to place during rainy, dark nights as these cool umbrellas are now designed to emit light. The revolutionary invention of illuminated umbrellas is a welcomed one when you consider the many known dangers associated with walking on dark paths with no light.

With the safety of individuals on the forefront of our mind, we at SafeTBrella make it a point of duty to ensure that you feel safe during unfavorable weather conditions and in the dark, we do this through our safety umbrella which is now available for purchase. Being the best umbrella out there, SafeTBrella isn’t just beneficial to people living in areas where it rains heavily all year, but to everyone out there.

Our illuminated umbrella is sleek, light weight and firm in the hand.

Our safety umbrella is delivered in style. There are a number of amazing colors to suit the color preference of every customer. We stock a variety of adult umbrellas as well as smaller children’s umbrellas. We ensure every age is catered for with our amazing product.

The benefits of our safety umbrella cannot be overemphasized, it’s been tested for safety and durability so you will have the piece of mind that you’ll be making a great choice by purchasing a SafeTBrella. Our online umbrella shop is primarily based in Vancouver, Canada, but those in the United States can also purchase one of our amazing product(s) as we ship our safety umbrellas to cities across North America, from Seattle to New York. No matter where you reside, SafeTBrella has got you covered.

Dave Supernec
Dave Supernec


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