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Dog walking umbrella

I walk my dog every evening and i just feel a lot better carrying the safetbrella on those dark and rainy nights.

                                   Merila | Vancouver


I have really good eyesight, but even in moderate rainfall at night when driving, I have a hard time seeing people walking sometimes. Especially in the winter when it gets dark early and people are walking home from the skytrain in their black or navy blue suits and long black coats. Safe-t-brella is a very wise purchase for someone who lives someplace where it rains heavily all year, it seems smart for someone who walks home from the train or something at night often. I see this more as a personal safety item rather than an umbrella that lights the way home.

                                         Dave | Vancouver

I use mine in the dark even when it isn't raining. It makes me feel more safe because I work evenings and theres no sidewalk near my workplace.
Paul | New York

Great umbrella and definitely helps you be seen in the dark. As a huge StarWars fan, sometimes I use it as a lightsaber!!
Charles | Seattle

I bought these for my kids before Halloween, even though there was not much rain this year, it helps a lot to be visible on the street while they trick-or-treat in the dark!
Julianne | Toronto

If you're going to buy an umbrella might as well buy one that stands out, my kids love it
Dave | Surrey

What a great idea, it looks great and gets the job done and then some.
Jas | Burnaby

My umbrella has a sleek look and really makes me feel safe while walking through the streets at night
Lucy | Vancouver

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