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March 06, 2018


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4 Benefits of using an LED Illuminated Umbrella

Our phones, cars and computers have evolved tenfold over the past few years so why has the umbrella, a potentially life saving piece of equipment, remained the same for so long? The invention of the LED Illuminated Umbrella has been well overdue and is now making its way to everyday consumers. You might be wondering why you would choose a SafeTBrella over a traditional umbrella? We have 5 reasons that will help you make that decision!

1. Visibilty

When walking in the rain, visibility is always an issue, even more so at night. With an illuminated umbrella, the fibre optic shaft lights up so you can see what’s around you at all times, an LED flashlight at the base of the umbrella can even be turned on so you can see the path on which you are walking.

2. Awareness

Not only can you see better when using an illuminated umbrella, but so can drivers. The bright colours being emitted from an LED umbrella can be seen from hundreds of feet away! This allows drivers to start braking earlier and avoiding a collision with a pedestrian.

3. Quality 

When creating the LED umbrella, the most important thing is safety. SafeTBrella products are all made with the upmost quality in order to function properly. These types of umbrellas will not break or tear like many traditional cheap umbrellas. The spokes are made so that they do not pierce the fabric and ruin the shape of the dome.

4. Style

Nobody bats an eye at a traditional umbrella. Watch as people compliment your umbrella and smile at you as you illuminate the sidewalk. Pick a bright LED color like red or yellow or a more mellow blue and green depending on your mood. Each color is just a click away on your SafeTBrella.